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Bio Energy Level 1A Course – 1st & 2nd June

About HiddenMind

HiddenMind is a groundbreaking method of investigation through the power of the human mind of the hidden causes of symptoms and diseases. Or as I like to call them – imbalances in our physical bodies and energy around us. The method does not seek to diagnose specific illnesses but rather to initiate a return to one's natural optimum health. It is based on many years of investigation into ancient non-invasive healing techniques and the mind-body connection, the nature of illness, into how the body functions and its ability to heal itself.


When we look at the typical symptoms of depression they are usually associated with feelings of helplessness, lack of self belief, low energy and vitality, inability to look forward to the future, a feeling of being a burden on friends and family and in extreme cases an overwhelming compulsion to end it all as they cannot see any resolutions to their dilemma in this three dimensional reality. Sleeping can also be a big problem.


Your Essenetial HiddenMind Home Toolkit.

Track 1. Universal Sounds, Track 2. First Aid Program, Track 3. Stay Healthy Program, Track 4. Lower Back Program, Track 5. Special Instruction,

The HiddenMind corrective sound protocol involves the use of special sound frequencies or harmonics as part of the overall corrective procedures. The instruments used are of Tebetian and Balinese origin and come from from the Vedic / Hindu heritage.


HiddenMind is pre-eminent in the treatment of dyslexia in that it identifies the hidden energetic causes and corrects through the unique ability of the subconscious mind. The Cause of Dyslexia The condition of dyslexia can be corrected by the HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol. The correction is achieved by correcting underlying physical and emotional electro-physical disturbances. The correction can be permanent after a number of sessions provided that the original underlying physical and emotional causes remain corrected and in a balanced state.

Diploma Courses

We offer a diploma course in HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Therapy.This course is dynamic and exciting with an abundance of both practical and theoretical work. We also offer a diploma HidddenMind Bio-energy course.This course consists of Level I, II and III This course is both for the fully qualified practitioner and the new beginners. This course is 12 days long. Level I gives people a full protocol which they can use on family and friends and again Level I is proving extremely popular so we are running this Level very regularly. Please Email dianasmith@vodamail.co.za


HiddenMind Course

Bio-energy Course

The secrets of the hidden mind are no longer hidden from us. Tom Griffin has found the key for all of us willing to engage with our hidden minds.

Autistic Spectrum

Years of experience of treating children with ASD has created a new understanding of the role of the subconscious mind in the treatment of spectrum disorder problems.


ADHD This is more serious than ADD and it is accompanied be hyperactivity. Children with this problem can get very agitated and difficult to manage especially at school when in a controlled environment.

Back Pain

In my clinic over the last twenty five years I have dealt with a lot of clients with lower back pain and a number of other back and spinal problems from mild to very severe. When clients come to my clinic for healing they often have exhausted a range of treatments both orthodox and alternative. They often say I have tried everything, you are my last hope.It turns out that they never had any energy work done for their problems and I explain to them that energy healing is a necessary compliment to these other therapies in order for holistic healing to take place.


In all of my 25 years of working and healing I have had many people in my clinic suffering from anxiety, from mild to severe. Severe or chronic anxiety I feel, has to be one of the most debilitating illnesses for a client

About Book

This book will bring you on a journey to your own potential It will give you a real understanding of the Body/mind connection It will lead you to a new understanding of the power of the sub-conscious mind and the realisation that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

About Bio-energy

Developed in Ireland by Tom Griffin the HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol represents the integration of a network of powerful and effective healing techniques that work by rebalancing the life force energy within and around the human body. These intelligent life energies take a number of forms and are normally in a state of continuous flow throughout the body.Similar to nervous impulses, they travel through a system of definite channels and in recent research scientists measuring variations in electrical skin resistance have extensively mapped these channels.


Living Threads

The future of medicine is to promote a more healthy and productive milieu through self-care. The energy work of Living Threads is to nurture ones health, restoring equilibrium. The cross weaves of thread form their personal web for each individuals needs. An empowered source of healing created through darning the holes. This intertwined with gentle guidance of understanding as to who we are in the spectrum of lifes colours and the fabric of the universe. The Living Threads have evolved by matching the wavelength of our negative cellular structures with the right colour, and infused with the right geometry of mathematics. These wavelengths of various frequencies are altered when any dis-ease or dissonance is present. Living Threads is a sun-sphere of living potentialities that emanates pure light streams of living spiritual energy. These exist within the anatomical and physiological systems. Colour is everywhere, but its essence is not seen. These colour frequencies are a transformational experience and tool that can be used in whole body/mind healing.


Morning Clouds is an innovative and inspirational person, and a pioneer for new thought in the context of her surroundings.Born in Melbourne, then moving to Echuca with her family, managed the conversion and running of a large Bio-dynamic farm; that was sold to Jalna, who continue to sell the Bio-dynamic yoghurt. Reiki, kinesiology, homeopathy and colour therapy were some of the modalities bringing the land and animals back to a natural sustainability to the ecology and the environment.  Being drawn to go to New Zealand, she was gifted the colour cottons by Les Elphick, who at the age of nineteen, was cured of a terminal illness using colour cottons.Since moving to northern NSW, her focus has been more on alchemy, tuning into her spiritual side and being in harmony with the surrounding worlds. She said that producing this work was like bringing a gift from Spirit and Angels to human beings.

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