About Diana

Diana began exploring and awakening her innate psychic gifts about 20 years ago through a regular practice of Meditation.

This naturally led to more formal training in Metaphysics, Energy Healing, HiddenMind, Bio Energy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Bodywork,   Metaphysics, Bio Energy, Earthmagik, Space Clearing, Colour Therapy, Enneagram, I-Ching, Channeling, Tarot, Soul Retrieval,  Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and so much more.

She represents the HiddenMind Institute, Europe and the Living Threads, Australia in Africa and conducts treatments and training in these modalities.

The HiddenMind and BioEnergy are both methods to restore and regenerate the entire energetic structure leading to improved mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.   It incorporates Body work, sound therapy, kinesiology, and aromatherapy and colour therapy.  This protocol is especially powerful when treating special needs such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, learning difficulties and the Autistic spectrum. But there is no condition that will not benefit from this work.

Diana’s work embraces the Hidden potential of the Human Mind and its objective is to restore and regenerate the energetic structure of the human person, leading to improved mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The HiddenMind Corrective Sound protocol involves the use of special sound frequencies or harmonics as part of the overall corrective procedures.  The instruments used are of Tibetan and Balinese origin and come from the Vedic/Hindu heritage.  These sound frequencies are a synthesis of chakra bowls, chakra bells, copper horns, symbols, gongs and an array of oriental instruments that have been used for thousandsof years in the monasteries by priests and holy men to convey vital information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and to the biological and physiological reality of the person.  Sound carries powerful frequencies that influence our mood and emotions.  When we hear a beautiful piece of music be it vocal or instrumental it can have an immediate effect, uplifting our mood and bringing about a state of great joy or sadness.

The Living Threads are a unique form of vibrational healing that relate to the body, the subtle energy system and their frequencies. The resonance of colour energy vibrations can connect the user with their own power to bring balance and harmony to the body-mind.  The Living Threads activate and align the new paradigm of DNA spirals to the highest degree that each energy body can safely receive.

Diana is the extremely proud mother of two accomplished sons who are pursuing careers in their areas of expertise.

Her passion for healing came about through Motherhood while looking for a holistic solution for her son’s ADHD.  This took her on a journey of discovery into the Mind, Body and Soul of children with Special Needs.  Each child is an individual and carries a blueprint from its own unique DNA passed down through his ancestral line.

Through the use of kinesiology accurate answers from the person’s subconscious mind can be accessed and corrected very quickly and painlessly.  Corrections are done on the clients entire bloodline, so the effects are profound for the family.  This is the future of medicine and the ramifications for humanity are enormous.

Diana teaches the HiddenMind and Bio Energy throughout South Africa.  Therapists graduate with a European Diploma upon successful completion.  This is run over approximately 9 months.

She also facilitates Workshops in

Meditation – Your Portal to Inner Worlds – 3 Modules

Channeling – Connecting to your Spirit Guides – 2 days

Metaphysics – Understanding Universal Truths – 10 months

Chi Kung Workshop – Fortify your Energy Bodies for Vitality – 3 months

Diana runs Retreats for personal growth and healing.

During 2017 she will be offering a 20 day Sacred African Tour to introduce people to some of our beautiful ancient sacred sites around Southern Africa.  We will experience the ‘Heartness’ of this beautiful continent as we immerse ourselves in the folklore and ritual in these ancient sacred sites.  Places where the imprint of Truth and Wisdom are felt through the heart.

Diana is an accomplished business owner, dairy farmer and ecologist.  Health and Wellness are key to living a full, happy life.  Emotional Intelligence is what is encouraged as people are starting to question the insanity of our materialist way of ‘living’ and are searching for answers to finding true meaning in their lives.

“I believe we are here to help each other”.  Diana Smith