This is more serious than ADD and it is accompanied be hyperactivity. Children with this problem can get very agitated and difficult to manage especially at school when in a controlled environment.

At school they are expected to learn and this can cause them to become more hyperactive and more difficult to control. Sometimes children can get aggressive when confronted and can cause a lot of disruption in a classroom and in the home.
Parents can find these children difficult to manage at homes as they often can be aggressive towards their siblings and often display a lot of emotional and anti-social behaviour patterns. ADHD can be caused by hereditary and environmental factors.
See also (Primary Developmental Stages).


The condition is diagnosed when a person finds it difficult to retain information. People who have this problem find learning difficult and find their concentration lapse easily. People with this problem can easily get stressed and upset easily when faced with learning new things.
As with dyslexia this can be caused by emotional shock, vaccine damage, environmental shock or all of the above. For further information go to article (Primary Developmental Stages).

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