Back Pain

In my clinic over the last twenty five years I have dealt with a lot of clients with lower back pain and a number of other back and spinal problems from mild to very severe. When clients come to my clinic for healing they often have exhausted a range of treatments both orthodox and alternative. They often say I have tried everything, you are my last hope. It turns out that they never had any energy work done for their problems and I explain to them that energy healing is a necessary compliment to these other therapies in order for holistic healing to take place. Some clients can be very meticulous in relaying diagnoses from doctors particularly from orthopaedic surgeons in relation to what was found on X-rays, MRI and Pet Scans and the likely course of treatments be it anti-inflammatories, physical-therapy, operations etc.

The clients that attend my clinic have already gone down these roads but are not happy with the outcome. Often initial relief is experienced but is short lived and have now other symptoms as well. I explain to my clients that the basis of my treatment is energy manipulation. I explain that the human body is composed of energy and that this invisible field of energy surrounds and permeates the physical body.

If this energy becomes blocked or stagnant through emotional shock or physical trauma the immune system becomes compromised and pain and disease can manifest. I explain that the structural anomalies, slipped or prolapsed discs, chronic inflammation, nerve pain can be caused by unresolved or underlying rage or anger. Sometimes our brain can deprive muscles and nerves of blood and oxygen causing severe pain and inflammation. This in turn will cause meridians to become overloaded with negative emotional charges causing them to shorten causing physical distortion in vertebrae negatively affecting intervertebral discs and inflammation of the muscles.

If the brain initiates this process it is to distract the conscious mind to protect it from underlying dangerous negative emotions from surfacing. In his book “The Divided Mind” Dr. John E.Sarno who is an expert in psychosomatic disorders says that a large percentage of his patients with lower back pain, upper shoulder pain, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, prolapsed discs, nerve and muscle inflammation are psychosomatic, meaning that the brain has created these conditions to create a distraction to the conscious mind to prevent it from experiencing the intensity of dangerous emotions of repressed rage, anger or any other traumatic experiences buried deep in the unconscious.

I explain to clients that the Hiddenmind, bio-energy and investigative and corrective sound programme can provoke the immune system to start the healing process. The Hiddenmind treatment can bring more blood to the affected areas which may be oxygen deprived replenishing the affected area with oxygen. Every vertebra has its own electrical field which determines the exact position of the vertebrae and its structural relationship to discs and other vertebrae. When clients have prolapsed discs, subluxated vertebrae the electrical integrity of the spinal column becomes undermined and excess pressure is exerted and put on the whole spine. The Hiddenmind programme seeks to correct the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the person by first identifying the underlying causes, usually memories of physical or emotional trauma. The investigative protocol statements identifies precisely when and why rage occurred and other circumstances associated with the protocol statements identifies all the features associated with an emotional or physical trauma. This procedure can dilute the intensity of the memory to a point where the conscious mind can accept the much diluted memory and not be consciously traumatised. At this point the brain lets go the need to create distractions and the proper mind-body relationship can manifest as feeling of being pain free, be more relaxed and a restoration of confidence and power. To treat a client holistically there are many corrective modalities to be dealt with.

The hemispheres of the brain must be reintegrated, cranial bones need to articulate or pulse correctly, cranio-sacral fluid pulse must be at correct frequency. The electrical integrity of the spinal column must be re-established by correcting the three electrical systems or cardinal frequencies the meridians, chakras and auric fields. Negative energy thought patterns from another person or place of abode can negatively affect the electrical integrity of the spine and need to be cleared through the Hiddenmind programme. The objective of the Hidden mind programme is to restore the mind body relationship deleting pain and inflammation and allow a return to health. A series of sessions is advised for people with chronic or severe problems.

I usually advise three, four day bio-energy sessions, approximately forty five minutes per sessions. During these sessions I also investigate the hidden features or causes through the investigative protocol. Healing sound frequencies, Meridian affirmations, precious stones, cotton colour frequencies, breastplate, bio-energy techniques, intention are just some of the tools used in Hiddenmind to perform a correction. These frequencies were used by priests in many cultures to correct the physical structure, connecting the unconscious to the conscious restoring health and vitality to the human being

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