Balancing Your child

One of the greatest insights I got into dealing with difficult behaviours patterns in children is from watching a programme on Sky called the "Dog Whisper" staring Ceaser Milan from Mexico. I found his programme so interesting that I watched it continuously for 3 months. I was amazed at how he balanced and corrected all sorts of dogs with difficult behaviour problems e.g. some would turn on their owner, others very difficult to bring in public for walks as they would fight with other dogs constantly, some showed extreme rage and a multitude of other problems. But what struck me most was the emphasis he put on the owners to be good pack leaders. His insistence that the owners or pack leaders need to be able to satisfy the needs of the dogs were paramount to having a happy and balanced dog. Ceaser Milan used the word "Energy" a lot in his programme in relation to the owners, they had to develop a positive and confident attitude, be in a calm state of mind, aware of their own positive energy and this in turn would influence the dog to be in a calm and submissive state of mind. Ceaser explained to the owner that an animal has a strong sense of the energetic frequencies of the owner and is not concerned with niceties and pleasantries, e.g. appearance, gender, status, bank account, etc it is how the owner projects his/her energy from the Dantien (Lower Chakras) waist down that influence the dogs behaviours.

Ceaser emphasised that a good pack leader interprets the needs of the dog and addresses them accordingly. His success in rehabilitating all types of difficult behaviour patterns is amazing and he always teaches and shows the owners how to be good pack leaders and maintain this balance. In my experience with working with children with difficult behaviour problems, I began to experiment and implement some of Ceasers concepts and techniques in dealing with difficult behaviour problems in children. After a corrective procedure, the dynamics which I have already outlined, I would explain and show to the parents, starting with the mother of the child as she carried the child for nine months how to balance their child. She would usually ask me what I meant by "balancing" the child. I usually respond by saying that balancing the child is fulfilling the needs of the child. A lot of parents already feel that they fulfill the needs of the child by feeding and clothing them, educating them, protecting them and giving them love and looking after their creature comforts. I explain that this is all necessary and is the basic obligation of any parent to their child but with Special needs and behavioural difficulties in Children there are other needs that need to be addressed and fulfilled.

When a child is hyperactive, has rage tantrums, has difficulty making friends or social skills, has neural developmental problems, sleeping disorders, phobias, has fear of being separated from his mother, constantly whinging, tearful and insecure indicates that there are needs that are not being met and the source of these needs need to be addressed. It is my opinion that these symptoms are metaphors, in other words they are reflecting deep subtle underlying faults that need to be corrected. They are indicating that something is wrong and they are looking to their mothers (parent), or pack leaders to interpret their needs and address them. I believe this desire by the child to be balanced by the parent is hard wired into the subconscious mind of the child and like Ceasers troublesome pets look to the parents or pack leaders to balance, interpret and address their needs. Unfortunately, parents do not know how to interpret these 'metaphors' as outwards signs of an inner need. They usually depend, on teachers, psychologists, doctors to diagnose their children and try to address their needs by assigning them to a specific Special Needs, Behavioural Disorder or an Autistic Spectrum Programme. Medication is often prescribed, for example Ritalin or Concerta, or assigning special needs teachers to work with these children. However, in my opinion this falls far short of addressing the underlying causes of these problems. In my clinic I explain to the parents that when a child has dyslexia, is hyperactive, has rage tantrums, constantly crying and shouting, difficult behaviour, that the child is trying to tell them something. The child's subconscious mind is saying to the parent, usually the mother ("mammy you have something belonging to me, there is still part of my programme still left in your womb").

'When I was born my subconscious mind indicated to your subconscious that I had not developed according to my nine month programme in the womb because there was hereditary faults that can came down from you or my father's side of the family and has affected me at the 4th month when I was in your womb. I was downloaded faults going back 6 generations on your side and this has affected my development in a negative way. This is why I have all the symptoms that you see with my behaviour. I am depending on you as my mother to correct me, meet my needs so I can be health again. This fault affected several meridians on the left side of my body and prevented me from developing properly. The programming of these meridians were damaged due to this shock and as a result I had not a full brain integration at 9 months of age. There are many more effects of this which you can see as symptoms and this is why I have been diagnosed in the ASD Spectrum. Also when I was born I experienced a traumatic birth and had to be wrenched from your womb using forceps which was also a shock to me. When I physically detached from your womb, I subconsciously indicated this to your subconscious mind and at a subconscious level you decided to lock in the missing programme to be redeemed sometime after birth. Both my hemispheres did not fully integrate at nine months old and my cranial bones did not articulate properly at 22 months. I have homolateral brain function in that one side of my hemispheres only integrated 40% to the Corpus Colusum and the cranial bones on my left side became fixated and could not pump my cerebral spinal fluid properly. The channels that allowed the cerebral spinal fluid on the left hand side to enter my brain became blocked resulting in rage. In addition to this Mammy you vaccinated me not realizing that I was not ready for vaccine. My hypochondria (cell nucleus) frequency was low and this further aggravated and caused shock to my system. Mammy you did not correct my seven chakra's energy points, exit points, attunement and emotional frequency.

You did not correct my seven Auric Fields or my fourteen meridians. You see Mammy, these cardinal frequencies are the matrix programme for my physical, emotional and psychological development. As a result of all of this I am experiencing extremely high levels of anxiety and unease, resulting in excess noradrenalin being pumped into my brain to keep me alive. You also have an unease and anxiety about me and an innate knowing that there is unfinished business between us. Because you cannot make that connection with me at a deeper level, you have a sense of frustration anger, anxiety and a sense of dis-empowerment in relation to fulfilling my needs and future development. I forgive you as you are unaware of how to do this.' In this article I am imagining what the child's subconscious is saying to the parent's subconscious. In the HiddenMind Protocol the practitioner acts a mediator between the mother and the child's energy, identifies the underlying problems and corrects them. The subconscious mind of the mother and the child will recognize these corrections and the child will feel at this point that his mother has finally met his needs. He will reflect this in symptoms gradually abating and his development improving day by day. My experience is that after a correction the relationship between mother and child becomes much more balanced and harmonious.

I have seen many scenarios in my clinic where on the first day a mother continuously checks their child for bad behaviour, this can be for climbing, pulling furniture, toys etc, shouting, showing rage, being heedless towards the parent etc. I inform the parent that when I identify and correct the underlying causes of these issues; she is advised not to verbally correct her child in the same way for the other days of treatment. I advise her also that her eye contact between herself and her child may have to change as the child will manipulate her energy and play on her emotions. Through techniques that I have developed for the parents I teach the parents how to communicate with their child, with the new knowledge of how to interpret the behaviour metaphors and to balance their needs. For the parents to assist their child's further development they need to change their own energy frequencies. They must realize that they can communicate with the subconscious mind of their child by learning to manipulate their own energies. They need to be able to visualize and see the child in their minds eye as being healthy and happy.

They are taught how to communicate with their child in a non verbal way but with positive intent like they did when the child was in the womb. During the correction process the child redeems his full programme and his energetic matrix fully corrects. We teach parents energy techniques in order for them to work with their children at home. We also advise on nutrition as it is a very important feature in the rehabilitation of the child. It is amazing to see how a child can be extremely difficult and insecure on the first day to a calm independent child over the four days of treatment. It is important that the parent is educated in assisting the rehabilitation of the child. I advise parents to attend weekend courses run by HiddenMind to learn techniques to manipulate the energy of their child and to understand more in relation to their nutrition and how to use the client maintenance cd more effectively.

I would also like to say at this stage that I have great concern for the parents of these children. They are often very stressed out and very worried for the future of their child. They often feel helpless and disappointed at the level of help that they are getting from the institutional health care system. I am also aware, that a lot of parents have spent a lot of time and effort getting involved in programmes such as ABA, Speech Therapy, Primal Developmental Therapy, and OT, and these can have a beneficial effect on children and can make my work more effective and more easily applied. A typical scenario to show the unfinished business or relationship between the mother and child. In a clinic, in a hotel, about three years ago a mother and child were in the waiting area waiting to come in to my clinic. The child was screaming his head off and shouting uncontrollably, and as a result we had to treat the child in the waiting area. I was amazed to see that this 3 year old child was consistently screaming at his mother and beating her with his fists showing severe rage and anger. The mother explained to me that the child was constantly screaming at her and directing his rage and anger and constantly attacking her. She said that she was extremely frustrated and could not understand why the child was behaving like this.
She loved the child and was trying to deal with him and meet all his needs. I did the corrections on the child, using my pendulum as a medium to access information from his subconscious mind. I found a whole series of corrections needed to be made. I gave him two special corrections and four days Bio-energy work over the four days.

It seemed to have a calming effect on him initially but I told the mother to return in 6 weeks until I assessed the child again. During the four days that they came to the clinic the screaming and shouting towards the mother only receded slightly. When the child returned 6 weeks later to the clinic, he was sitting on his father's knee in the waiting room, very calm and placid. I treated the child with Bio-energy and I did another correction on him. All the corrections seemed to hold very well and he was calm and placid. However, on the fourth day I heard him shouting and screaming again in the waiting room. When I entered the waiting room he was with his mother. His father and siblings were also in the room but all his attention was directed towards his mother. I had a sudden insight that here is a strong connection between the child and the mother that needed to be explored. I asked the father to take the child and return in one hour to the clinic. I treated the mother. At this stage the mother had not had any previous treatment but my instinct told me that I may find the source within her energetic matrix which would resolve the situation. What I found through my investigation was that while she was in utero in her own mother's womb she had experienced a shock from her blood line (hereditary fault) at 4 months in utero.

I carried out a corrective procedure for 45 minutes and as she was lying on the plinth in a very relaxed and very calm state in a section of my clinic I then asked the father to bring in the child to see the reaction between the child and his mother. The child came up to his mother, touched his mother on the head, smiled and said to her "Hello Mam". He walked around his mother 3 - 4 times, touching her and smiling. His mother was amazed to see this reaction and she couldn't believe this was happening. I kept the child there for 45 minutes and there was total harmony between the mother and the child. The mother asked me to explain this. I explained that the child recognized that she had to deal also with the source of the blood line problem that she passed on to him.

He could not verbalize his needs to her but through the metaphor of shouting and screaming and punching her, he was trying to tell her that there was unfinished business between them. The child's subconscious mind instantly recognized that she had met his inner needs and balanced him. There are times that the child will have similar behavioural relationships towards their fathers also but more often than not it is with the mother. I met this child 6 years later and his mother informed me that his personality changed after his second visit to me and that the relationship between her and her child had improved remarkably and she was very happy with the outcome.

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