Developed in Ireland by Tom Griffin the HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol represents the integration of a network of powerful and effective healing techniques that work by rebalancing the life force energy within and around the human body. These intelligent life energies take a number of forms and are normally in a state of continuous flow throughout the body.

Similar to nervous impulses, they travel through a system of definite channels and in recent research scientists measuring variations in electrical skin resistance have extensively mapped these channels. These channels are called meridians. If the flow of energy becomes imbalanced, stagnant or disturbed in any way it automatically affects not just the physical body by disrupting its function and allowing disease to set in, but also the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects as well. In the HiddenMind Bio-energy clinics the primary aim of the Therapist is to locate any energy disturbances using a series of unique hand movements to scan the energy field, which surrounds the body.

Encoded within its electrical pattern this energy field contains information that can be regarded as the original "blue print" of the person treated and also information that accurately reflects their current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. The treatment is carried out in forty minute sessions on four consecutive days. The treatment takes place in a private and relaxed environment using a background of specially chosen music that has been found to enhance the treatment.

During treatment, the therapist will outline any immediate measures to be taken regarding diet, exercise, rest, attitude, etc. At the end of the four days, the patients will be aware of exactly what is required of them in order to regain their health, which is rightfully theirs. Most importantly, the HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol urges people to take back control and responsibility for their own life and health, which in turn leads to self-empowerment.

Acute stress which can be a response to imminent danger, turbo charges the system with powerful hormones that can damage the cardiovascular system. Chronic stress caused by constant emotional pressure the victim can't control, produces hormones that can weaken the immune system and damage bones.

The stress response starts in the brain... When the brain detects a threat, a number of structures, including the hypothalamus, amygdala and pituitary gland, go on alert: they exchange information with each other and then send signalling hormones and nerve impulses to the rest of the body to prepare for emergency response. The body then unleashes a flood of hormones. Adrenal glands react to the alert by releasing epinephrine (adrenaline), which makes the heart pump faster and the lungs work harder to flood the body with oxygen. The adrenal glands also release extra cortisol and other glucocorticoids, which help the body convert sugars into energy.

Nerve cells release norepinephrine, which tense the muscles and sharpens the senses to prepare for action, the digestive system is effected, this can cause significant damage and numerous symptoms. When the threat passes, epinephrine and norpinephrine levels drop, but if danger comes too often they can damage the arteries. Chronic low-level stress related symptoms are confronted in the proper manner to avoid disease setting in. The symptoms and diseases that people can experience are too numerous to mention. Over the 4 day programme energy techniques are used to balance the body's energies having a positive effect on chemistry and creating a mind body harmony that can lead to better health. The HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol can transform Stress into Vitality aided with practical advice and strategies to help overcome the pressures of modern life, where you will be taught self-help techniques to counter the effects of stress and restore balance between mind, body and emotions. The initial procedure of the therapist is to scan the energetic structure of the body to determine energy blockages and to evaluate and influence the flow of energy in and around the body.

This is essential, as it addresses the underlying energy imbalances that can often be the cause of illness or disease. During stress the muscular system starts to spasm, can lose its elasticity putting pressure on the spine which can cause misalignments and subluxations. Rebalancing the body's meridians can help to restore proper structure and muscle elasticity. Advice is also given on good nutrition and eating habits.

On occasions therapists may recommend probiotics and other nutritional supports. The importance of a proper functioning digestive system is evident as nutritionists indicate that a lot of disease begins in the gut. Specific active meditative techniques will also be taught to each individual that will help them to overcome emotional stress achieve a sense of wellbeing. Each person will bring to this process their commitment of time and effort, which truly reflects their desire to be healthy and happy.

The HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol acts to self-empower the client by unlocking their hidden creativity and encourages them to take a more active role in promoting their own health.

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