Birth Shock

Birth Shock and Life Force Energy: Birth shock can be associated with a difficult prolonged birth, forceps delivery, a vacuum delivery or Caesarean Section. The child can lose a certain percentage of their life force energy during the birth experience. In my HiddenMind Investigative Protocol experience I use the number 3600 as maximum life force. I ask the subconscious mind of the child through the medium of dowsing (use of a pendulum) to indicate if the life force energy one hour before birth is 3600. One hour after birth the life force energy may be down to 1800. This means the child lost half its life force energy during child birth. The subconscious mind of a child of any age can be questioned as to if some of the life force energy has been recovered, more often than not it has not.
This also adds to the emotional shock experienced by the child and further disrupts the electrical systems.

Birth - 9 Months:

This is a very important developmental stage because during this stage the cranial bones start to integrate and the brain hemispheres start to integrate to form one brain. It is through suckling and crying that the cranial bones establish their integration patterns.
Between the seven to nine month period the hemispheres of the brain should integrate to the corpus collumum which is the conductor between both brain hemispheres. The corpus collusum connects both brains and billions of neurological exchanges occur every second. It is interesting to note here that the corpus collusum is a third longer in females giving them their multitasking ability, their more than one hundred and eighty degree peripheral vision and early learning ability. If any of the faults already mentioned are present and the subconscious mind is registering a state of shock then one or other of the hemispheres will not integrate one hundred per cent. If the child is badly shocked one hemisphere may only integrate or connect to the corpus collusum only forty percent.
This can set off a chain of events which can lead to a special needs diagnosis later in early childhood. It is interesting to note that the side effects of vaccines can also add to the level of shock experienced by the child. The side effects from vaccines comes from the preservatives like thermerosol and antagonists such as cadmium which are toxic to the human body. Some vaccines are also cultured in egg yolk which is present in some MMR vaccines. The development of the child is now affected in an adverse way.

Cranial Bone Integration:

It can take 22 months after birth for the cranial bones to fully integrate. This is necessary for proper brain integration and for the cranio sacral pulse to function correctly on waking and sleeping. If a child has experienced shock pre, during or after birth,this can cause fixation of one or more of the cranial plates causing disruption to the cranio sacral pulse and also has associations with the background causes of dyslexia, ADD and spectrum disorders. In my experience it is very unusual to find full brain integration and full cranial articulation in any child in the spectrum disorder

Primary Reflexes:

Primary reflexes are reflexes that are inately in a young child to help him in the birthing process and after birth, however as a child grows these reflexes should be deleted and more advanced ones should be incorporated. If primary reflexes are not deleted after a certain age, this can hold back the development of the child. It is important to identify the number of primary reflexes that need to be deleted to help the child to move forward, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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