Challenges after first correction

One of the most challenging features for parents after the first correction is in dealing with extreme reactions in children after the first session. These extreme reactions are sometimes part of the healing process and there is a great need to explain to the parents of these children what is actually going on. Usually the reactions that challenge the parents mostly are intensity and a worsening of symptoms. I have seen this many times in my clinic when parents ring me nearly 10 days after treatment that their children's symptoms have periodically got worse. I often bring people into my clinic and check the child over to reassure them and to check that all the corrections have held.

If all the corrections have held, then I explain new information is available from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and that their full programming is returning, their symptoms or extremes of behavioural patterns can get periodically worse but these usually calm and balance themselves out over a period of time. As the brain is reintegrating and as the energetic matrix is fully charged the behaviour patterns can improve and that the child will behave in a more balanced way. In the cases of severally hyperactive children suffering with ADHD this can be severally challenging for parents. If the child is younger he may be managed easily, but if he is a teenager his behaviour may be more challenging. The good news is that the positive changes are also observed in between these scenarios so this gives the parents the resilience and hope to continue with the programme until these problems are resolved or improved. I explain to the parents on the first correction it can take 6 months to a year with at least 3 - 4 corrections, Bio-energy work and nutrition and parent education before the child will feel the full benefits of the therapy.

There are factors that can also undermine or interfere with the child's correction. For instance, if a child gets a virus or a bacterial infection, this can undermine the healing process or it can freeze the programme while the body is dealing with these pathogens. They will usually need another special correction to clear these and move forward with their healing process. If a child experiences a shock of a trauma, emotional, physically or environmentally, this can also undermine the correction. Children that are corrected can be affected by negative thought forms, negative emotions from other people or other children which can subliminally effect their corrections and these need to be cleared by a practitioner, this is why a series of corrections, Bio-energy work and effective nutrition over a year is of great importance. The client wellness cd is of immense value between treatments in helping to counteract these negative interferences. Environmental problems such as geopathic stress if present can also negatively effect a child's energy and needs to be dealt with see article on Geopathic Stress.

After the second correction, I advise people to use the patient corrective system. This can be given after the first correction also. This is a series of sound frequencies that are used on a weekly basis to assist the patients healing. I also advise families that a family correction may be necessary because there are connections between each member of the family that is unique to that family. To give an example of this, I did a full correction on a little girl 10 years old for Learning Difficulties. During this correction, I corrected malfunctions in her meridian, chakras and auric fields. Her hemispheres were not connected nine months after birth, giving homolateral function, (only one side of the brain hemispheres working correctly). She had hereditary problems affecting her in her first trimester effecting shape fields in her meridians on one side, 3 of her cranial bones were out of alignment on one side, the temporal, parietal, and sphenoid bones were fixated and not articulating.

Her atlas and her cervical vertebrae were also misaligned resulting in her cerebrospinal fluid pulse being totally deficient, resulting in excessive adrenaline being pumped into the brain causing hyperactivity and anxiety. Her facial bones on one side were also out of alignment. One leg was significantly shorter than the other due to shorting of the kidney meridian. She had experienced birth trauma. She was adversely affected by vaccines. She had a lot of anxiety states and thought forms which affected her adversely.

I did 2 HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound corrections with her during 4 days Bio-energy session, adviced on nutrition and asked her mother to bring her back in 6 weeks. A month later the mother contacted me and said her daughter had improved immensely for 4 weeks but suddenly started showing some of the original symptoms. She was quite worried so I asked her to bring her daughter back in for a consultation. When I checked her daughter out her subconscious mind indicated that she had been affected by a thought form from another member of the family. This caused emotional shock and undermined the original correction. I identified that she had been affected by an aunt on her mother's side. I asked her mother if this meant anything to her.

She said she wasn't surprised as her sister never dealt with anything and always dumped her negative emotions on other people. Most of what I had corrected in the child the month before had become unbalanced and as a result some of the original symptoms started to show themselves.

As soon as I released the negative emotion through the HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol the child felt an immediate release. The mother could see the changes in the child, her colour became more natural, her shortened leg became the same as the other one and her eyes came into focus as she had a strabismus (squint) her mother asked me to explain how this can happen. I explained that when the child was the first one to be corrected in the family the subconscious mind of the aunt picked up on this and transferred unexpressed thought forms and negative emotions to the child in the hope that they would be released through the child. This is a phenomenon that I have been fascinated with over the years.

When I would correct a child or a member of a family, they could often act as a conduit for releasing meridian malfunctions, negative thought forms of their family members. From my understanding gained over 26 years experience, the child in the womb is subconsciously communicating to every member of the family tree for 7 generations of the past, and 7 generations of the future and 7 generations laterally. Certain members of family and extended family, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncle's even cousins can be bouncing negative emotions, anxiety states, thought forms, belief systems off each other often causing conflict or tensions between those individuals. I think this is why tension between two brothers or families can often be passed on to their offspring if unresolved and re enacted through other generations. This is why when a child comes to the clinic and I release these subconscious thought forms, the subconscious minds of other family members can see an opportunity to try and have their own unresolved issue released through the person who had the correction.
This is not to be feared, it happens all the time in families and this is why we advise for a family to have a correction and not just the one child. It is commonly accepted that negative and positive characteristics are passed on from generation to generation. If we take a simple metaphor "like father like son" "a chip off the old block" "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree". "History repeats itself". Even in sacred scripture Jesus said the "sins of the fathers shall be visited on four generations". This is nothing to do with religion; this is coded knowledge describing "perpetuating gene faults" the faults (sins) in the meridian which carry information from generation to generation. I believe that the 14 meridian structures is evident in the unfertilised ovum.

The female ovary has 5,000 unfertilised eggs as ova's. Each ovum has the 14 meridians structure carrying information from 7 generations in the past, 7 into the future and 7 latterly. This means that a child in the womb can be affected by a (sin) meridian malfunction or perpetuating gene fault in the first month of the 2nd trimester which is the 4th month in utero. These faults can affect the development of several meridians on one side of the body. The consequences of this are enormous. First it can cause problems at birth, resulting in caesarean section or difficult birth involving suction or forceps. Over the 9 months in utero the primal energy pattern is called the Kundalini, this is the unfolding shape of the child and the continuing unfolding shape of a human being. However, if the meridians are not unfolding the new born baby my look ok but the potential for ongoing development may be compromised.

I would like to explain how this can happen. It takes 7 - 9 months after birth for the two hemispheres of the brain to fully integrate and another further 9 - 12 months for the cranial bones to integrate and articulate. If the subconscious mind of the child has registered emotional shock as a result of hereditary problems in the womb also if the mother has experienced physical, mental or environmental shock during pregnancy, the unborn foetus can register this in their subconscious minds. If children have experienced a difficult birth, induction, forceps, suction, caesarean, toxic shock from vaccination side effects these can be the underlying features that need a correction. In this situation the subconscious mind of the child will hold back information from one of the hemispheres and they cannot fully integrate. This has repercussions for spinal development and the cranial sacral pulse. The first bone that connects the skull to the spine is called occiput. This has to position itself properly to allow the cavity to develop to allow the brainstem to fully integrate into the spine. This is the core of the spinal cord and nervous system. If this bone is misaligned than there is interference in one or all of those systems.

The cerebral spinal fluid is created in the ventricles of the brain and pumped up and down the spine and around the body via the articulation of the cranial plates. The sacrum and associated vertebrae pump the fluid up the body into the brain. If the occiput and atlas and associated vertebrae are not the correct physical position or electrical fields this pumping action cannot happen at the proper pace and can cause even more problems and can be the basis later for ADD, ADHD, Learning Difficulties and the Autism Spectrum.

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