HiddenMind Level I

Enables a student to have and understanding and appreciation of the theoretical background to the Hiddenmind Programme. The Hidden Mind Protocol is a system founded and developed by Tom Griffin and a culmination of his twenty six years working with bio-energy and bodywork. Tom was very prominent in introducing bio-energy to Ireland and Europe. Tom has drawn on many therapies including Bio-energy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, NLP, Harraga bodywork programme, Nutritional courses, chi Gung martial arts, Corrective Sound Programme and The Dawson Programme and his own unique experiences in developing Hiddenmind. Hiddenmind is a comprehensive understanding and method of investigation into the otherwise undetectable subliminal causes of symptoms and diseases. An understanding of the 28 cardinal frequencies (meridians, chakras and auric fields), sound frequencies, precious stones, scents and the subconcious mind show that the ancient secrets of healing are now being revealed. These ancient secrets also explain how our direct bloodline can affect us even from the moment of conception and throughout our life. From his study into the ancient cultures Cameron Dawson founder of The Dawson Programme explains that   the "sins of the fathers" are actually perpetuating gene faults and meridian malfunctions and can be deleted by accessing the subconscious mind.

The precepts also explain the features of the subconscious mind and the latent potential it has to influence positively or negatively our energetic and physical bodies. A critical observation of the physical body is necessary to acknowledge structural anomalies such as high shoulder, short leg, warped spinal structure, cranial bone misalignment or fixation, facial bone misalignment, and rigidity of movement. These features can help the student to understand how the physical body is mirroring the effects of unresolved emotional, physical, toxic or environmental shock. This shock can be recent or can occur early in childhood or even in utero (in the womb). Even the negative side effects of a vaccination can often be the cause of a number of ailments. Observation of eye position and movement when challenged can give insights into how the hemispheres of the brain are connected and the degree of correct relationship between the eyes and the brain. For example if the relationship between the right eye and the left brain is not correct, there may be dyslexia present. An in-depth observation into the physical structure is vital to a Hiddenmind correction. The subconscious mind is always observing and recording our total life’s history from the day we were conceived until the day we pass over. It controls a number of our body’s functions like digestion and circulation and any function that we are not consciously aware of. The subconscious mind can suppress memories of intensive negative experiences by not allowing the conscious mind to become aware of these traumas. However there can be a price to pay for this at an emotional and physical level as our brain and electrical systems can express these hidden traumas as an ailment or disease. For instance birth shock can be the cause of dyslexia or ADHD. Investigating the subconscious through a series of statements can identify the otherwise hidden features of traumas.

By making the conscious mind aware of them can be the start of a healing process. Dowsing, using a pendulum, is a tool used by the Hidden mind therapist to determine the accuracy of information from each statement, for example the origin, times, dates, intensity, duration of memories held deep in the subconscious that may be the causes of the present illness or disease. The subconscious mind can also give the therapist vital information of the biological body, of the life force energy and biological function of organs and cells. It can also indicate if viruses or pathogens are present in the system. The Hidden mind program uses the power of the subconscious to delete harmful and traumatic memories and helps to create a healthier mind-body-relationship. The subconscious has a direct effect on the electrical systems and this power is explored and utilized by the Hidden mind program. The Three Electrical Systems Understanding the three electrical systems, Meridians, Chakras, Auric Fields is another vital key in understanding the nonphysical nature of the Human Being. These electrical systems have been known about and mapped out by Priests and Shamans in the ancient cultures. This knowledge was utilized for healing. People with clairvoyant ability can see auras or colored energies around people’s bodies. Kirlian photography and other scientific epuipment can outline meridians and energy fields around the body as well. A state of illness or health can be indicated by observing these colors. In our religious icons we can see white auras around the heads of Saints or people deemed to be enlightened signifying transcendence or highly spiritually evolved. Every living thing has this life force energy pervading its being and in the scientific world the energy emanating around peoples bodies is known as bio-fields. These bio-fields are transmitters, receivers, filters and protectors for the Person.

Meridians are energy channels which vibrate through the physical body supplying life force energy to the organs and cells. Meridians carry vital information about the history of our bloodline and can be responsible for hereditary faults affecting us. In hiddenmind all fourteen meridians are investigated to determine the health of organs and also to check their emotional state. Chakras are energy centers or transducers of energy. They convert energy from white light and transmit this energy to the meridians and biological body. Chakra energy has to enter the body at exact locations along the front and rear of the body and has to connect to the brain, spine, organs, cells, kundalini and the endocrine systems. Energy fields of all chakras have to function at one hundred percent. In Hiddenmind special attention is given to the heart chakra as its power to influence healing is now being fully appreciated. Auric fields are the body’s main protectors and filters. The auric fields attract and filter energy from the environment for it to be utilized by the biological body and the meridians and chakras. The first auric field is the Kundalini which develops from conception to birth and is the gradient of energy the physical and energy body is built upon. The Kundalini can be damaged in utero through hereditary or bloodline transference through the parents DNA or meridians and can negatively affect the development of the remaining six auric fields which manifest at first breadth. If all auric fields are not functioning at the correct frequency negative thought forms, negative emotion states of anxiety from other people cannot be properly filtered out and this can negatively affect the recipient. The sixth auric field connects us to our bloodline and unless functioning at 100% can allow negative imprints to be inherited. Reflux occurs in the body when the body becomes overloaded with negative emotions, excess stress, toxicity, infection or viruses. Reflux is when systems are in reverse. Reflux can occur in the spine, cerebrospinal fluid, nerve sheaths, brain, dura mater, the fallopian tubes and vas deferens. Negative feedback occurs when communication between the brain and the body become scrambled due to shock, stress or toxicity. When the two way radio system between organs and the brain are not functioning correctly this calls for a complete investigation of nervous systems, spinal blockages and life force and biological functions of the affected organs. Geopathic stress can be associated with many diseases and illnesses from sleeping difficulties to cancer. Geopathic stress means disease of the earth/environment.

Natural sources of geopathic stress comes from a disruption in the natural energy flow e.g., if a house or building is built directly over underground water streams or over the earth’s natural magnetic lines, the changed energy vibration from these sources can be damaging to our health over time. Manmade sources include emissions from power lines, transmission masts, microwave ovens, computers and mobile phones. Level 1 gives students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of these issues and access to the scientific studies into the damage causes by geopathic stress. Also students are made aware of special products that can counteract and neutralize the negative effects of natural or manmade geopathic stress. This lecture involves basic nutritional education from a certified nutritionist. This lecture covers leaky gut syndrome, methylation, side effects of vaccines, antibiotics and the health benefits of probiotics and proper nutrients. Students will be given an understanding of how bad nutrition negatively affects our organs and cells and can deplete one’s energy and can be linked to various maladies.

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