Hiddenmind Level II

Level II commences with revision of level I. This review would also include a questions and answers session. After that, an in depth study into meridian malfunctions. These malfunctions can be caused by family members alive or deceased, by people outside the family, school work place, in the world around us. These meridian malfunctions can be comprised of negative thought forms, anxiety states, negative emotions, negative belief systems, phobias and can have a profound negative effect on the recipient. Residual meridian malfunctions are from deceased people leaving a residue of energy in a place where they have died tragically. This residue can affect a number of people within a 16 kilometer radius and can have a negative effect on people’s physical, mental and emotional health. Perpetuating Gene Faults Perpetuating gene faults are negative hereditary memories transmitted directly through the DNA of parents to offspring and can be sourced back several generations. These faults are predominantly downloaded in utero and can also affect children after birth and into adulthood. Indicator points Our bodies contain several indicator points and when touched accompanied by a statement can accurately indicate the presence of a virus, bacteria, toxicity, lymes disease, mold toxins glandular fever. These points are located on the front of the body and can also indicate the health

of adrenal and heart functions. Shape fields Shape fields are points along meridians which carry vital information concerning the developing shape of the human being. Shape fields contain blueprint information from DNA for the formation of organs and cells and the unique characteristics of each individual. Shape fields are activated by the stamen organizer to achieve this process. Shape fields are corrected in a process called tantric order. Cell malfunction A cell malfunction can occur at any stage of one’s life. When a cell malfunction is identified the causes are investigated through the investigative protocol. A cell malfunction can indicate cancer or a pre-cancerous state. A cell malfunction can have one or many causes such as mineral or nutrient deficiency, geopathic stress, toxicity, mold toxins or parasites.

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