HiddenMind Level III

Substance intolerance People can be affected negatively by substances by ingesting, touching, inhaling or just being in the vicinity of a particular substance. These substances can be household items like washing up liquids and disinfectant chemicals and other chemicals used in the house and garden to chemicals used in paint and other building materials in houses and offices. People often have intolerances to prescribed drugs and foods. Allergenic reactions can manifest to partial or constant exposure and deplete the life force of the person affected. Children with special needs often have problems digesting gluten and milk and can develop severe reactions if continued. Also children can have reactions to animal dander, dust mites, synthetic clothing and artificial colours in clothing and foodstuffs. A comprehensive investigation is beneficial in determining these features and correcting them.  EAR PROTOCOL The ear is a very complex organ and can involve many forms of investigation. When treating children the problems that we encounter can be glue ear,grommets recurring infection,hearing loss and any other featuresthat needs. In adults tinnitus or constant ringing in the ears can be a huge stress for them. Middle ear problems associated with vertigo and balance are also investigated with ear protocol. EYE PROTOCOL The eye protocol is extensive in its investigation as there are

many diseases associated with the eyes. One of the main features of the eye is the fluid pressure affecting the retina. Another feature is the connection from the eyes to the chiasma to the brain. This is an indicator of dyslexia and learning difficulties. In these situations the muscles of the eyes need to be corrected and stimulated through special exercises. The protocol helps in the treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration, conjunctivitis and astigmatism. The protocol investigates the causes of sight loss and corrects any underlying features deemed to be important to the healing process. Level 111 integrates all aspects of the Hiddenmind program and achieves a level of expertise in dowsing and statements to interrogate the subconscious to ascertain the hidden causes of symptoms and disease. This therapy is not a substitute for medical investigation and treatment but a complimentary or add on treatment that can be administered at any time to complement their healing. Case histories are also discussed during level 11 and level 111 and clients are often invited on the course to discuss and assess their treatment with the training therapist. During the course the master instructors will treat some clients in each level to demonstrate the ongoing progression of investigation and treatment protocols that happen throughout the course. Exams, practical and theoretical are a feature of level111 in order to issue a diploma to therapists. Hiddenmind institute is a school recognized and insured by Balens in England who are the biggest insurers of complimentary therapies in Europe. Ongoing training and review is a feature of Hiddenmind and therapists are encouraged to avail of these facilities.

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