When we look at the typical symptoms of depression they are usually associated with feelings of helplessness, lack of self belief, low energy and vitality, inability to look forward to the future, a feeling of being a burden on friends and family and in extreme cases an overwhelming compulsion to end it all as they cannot see any resolutions to their dilemma in this three dimensional reality. Sleeping can also be a big problem. The standard medical approach to depression is anti-depressants and sometimes but not enough psychotherapy and other complementary medicines. The medical model is that anti depressants correct low serotonin by increasing this happy hormone which is associated with depression. This approach can benefit people with depression however they are usually recommended for short term use. When people come to my clinic with depression they usually have it for some time. They may have been on medication for years but their depression has not fully dissipated to their satisfaction and they cannot get off medication for any length of time without falling back to full depression mode. Often people have tried to take their own lives or have done themselves serious personal harm when they present themselves to me. I ask that they keep in regular contact with their doctor or psychiatrist for constant evaluation of their medication. I never encourage clients to stop taking prescribed medication.

The HiddenMind approach to depression is first and foremost a holistic one. The HiddenMind Bio-energy and Investgative and Corrective Sound Protocol looks and deals with the causative factors associated with depression. I would like to outline some of these features. The first three features I correct is the three electrical systems which are the chakras, meridians and auric fields. These three electrical systems make up the 28 cardinal frequencies which is the energetic blueprint or template for our physical being. There are seven chakras, entering at the crown and base and enter at specific parts through the body including the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus and hara which is the lower abdomen. They have exact entry points and are known to affect the endocrine system. The chakras also must connect and give vital information through the meridians of life force energy to all systems of the body for example the brain, heart all major organs the three nervous systems, the kundalini (first auric field), the meridian and the endocrine system. The chakras should have a 100% of positive emotional charge and in the case of depression this can be as low as 20% meaning 80% of the chakras energy has negative emotional energies. It is very important to fully take out this sick emotional energy, balance the chakras and this procedure is initiated by the HiddenMind Bio-energy therapy.

The next energetic feature to be balanced is the meridians. The meridians are pathways of energy that vibrate eclectically through the human body and supply all the organs with vital life force energy as well as the chakras. Meridians flow is one continuous flow around the body like an electrical grid and cannot be seen with the naked eye unless you have clairvoyant vision. They have been scientifically proven to exist using special equipment (see Scientific Research) and all illnesses whether mental, emotional, physical, environmental are associated with partially or fully blocked meridians. Meridians can be corrected with Bio-energy, kinesiology and the HiddenMind techniques. The auric fields are the other seven cardinal frequencies which are of extreme importance when treating depression. The auric fields are powerful antennas which draw in energy and information, vibrations and impressions from the world around us. The outside layers connect us to our bloodline, our environment and can connect any family members at any distance. They also act as filter systems for this information in order for us to process it and if the auric fields are depleted or have low frequency energy our health can be negatively affected.

For instance, if our auric fields are functioning at about 20% of their normal capacity negative thought forms, negative emotions, anxiety states from other people can not be filtered out and processed and can clog up our emotional and energetic systems. This can be experienced as over sensitivity, uneasiness when in the company of other people, an over whelming sense of fear and anxiety when in confrontational situations. As a result people often withdraw into themselves and try and avoid any communication with other people and the world around them. Low auric field frequency can be responsible for constant negative repeating thought patterns and playing out negative emotional scenarios or negative emotional thought patterns over and over in ones mind. Low auric field frequencies can prevent the proper transformation of negative thought patterns and emotions to the detriment of ones health. The HiddenMind protocol can correct and balance the auric fields. Other causative factors can be associated with hereditary or bloodline faults. In the Primary Developmental Stages section you can see how bloodline faults such as Meridian Malfunctions or Perpetuating Gene Faults can negatively affect the developing foetus in utero and indeed throughout ones life.

If these faults are not cleared from our energetic blue prints they can be a big factor in a depressed person’s condition. The HiddenMind protocol through interrogation of the subconscious mind through muscle testing or dowsing (use of a pendulum) can determine exact features of these faults. For example when they affected the person, which side of the family they emanated from, the amount of generations theses faults have perpetuated through, the damage they have done to the energetic and physical body and the level of negative thought forms, states of anxiety, negative belief systems, phobias, the person is experiencing as a result of these faults not being cleared and neutralised. I have often found up to 80% of peoples negative emotions and negative state of health are due to these issues. When these faults are identified and neutralised by the HiddenMind technique using the special meridian affirmations and chakra and auric field corrective balancing frequencies, the immediate feeling of lightness and joy is felt by so many people. These faults can be sourced back generations and often clients can relate to this as they can see this played out by their parents, grandparents and extended families. Another important feature to check when treating depression is brain integration. The hemispheres of the brain can become separated with shock or stress overload.

This causes the stress hormones to become over excited as the cranial bones tighten and more adrenaline needs to be pumped into the brain. (How stress and hormones affect our immune system can seen further in Bio-energy This can over time result in adrenal fatigue and burn out if not corrected and this can often cause low serotonin. If serotonin is low it can not make sufficient amount of melatonin which is responsible for sleep resulting in sleeplessness and insomnia. We know that 90% of serotonin is created in the bowl or enteric nervous system and the neuro transmitters associated with the nervous system the enteric nervous system of which one is serotonin is adversely affected.

I usually find that when serotonin is low that the cerebral spinal fluid is not sufficiently created in the brain and pumped through the spine at the correct frequency. The cerebral spinal fluid frequency should be an average of 14 pulses in waking and 28 in sleeping. In some people who are depressed the pulse in waking can be as low as 4 or 5 and 14 - 18 in sleeping. The brain needs nutrients and the second brain or enteric nervous system pumps adrenaline to compensate. In times of stress or emergency this can give extra boost of energy but if the hemispheres of the brain are not integrated correctly and the cranial bones are tightened or fixated confusion and lack of concentration can be experienced. The HiddenMind Protocol balances and corrects the enteric nervous system. Another factor to consider in Depression is the environmental one or Geopathic Stress (See article in the HiddenMind article on Geopathic Stress) Geopathic Stress is when disturbed energy from the earth adversely affects us. These energies can be from underground water, Radon Gas, Electricity from high voltage cables, computers, microwaves, televisions and lay lines which are the Earth Energy Meridians. These Lay lines can affect us negatively when disrupted. Scientific studies have shown that when one is sleeping, working or living in a geopatically stressed environment this can have serious health risks including depression. I have outlined here some of the features that the HiddenMind protocol takes into consideration when dealing with depression. There may be other factors to consider as well such as ones occupation, bullying at work, having ones confidence shattered by ones superiors or co-workers, marital and relationship breakdown, lack of sun, bad diet, financial difficulties, boredom or lack of interest or feeling trapped in ones profession.

Or on the other hand becoming a workaholic and then suddenly becoming burned out. Problems within the family, with spouse, children, in- laws can drain ones energy and can also be a causative factor in depression. When people come to my clinic they are aware they are feeling drained of energy or out of balance and need the tools and techniques to move on to a better life full of hope and enthusiasm. Another contributing causative factor in treating depression is the area of Suicide. People can be affected by the suicide of a relative or a friend or even someone unknown to them in their area. The negative energetic debris left behind when people commit suicide can have an overwhelming negative affect on people. This residual energy can often be a catalyst to cause other peoples energy system to overload or break down resulting in suicide or depression. The HiddenMind Protocol can detect these influences and negate their negative effects on all people affected. When these causative features have been addressed through the HiddenMind Protocol this can re-empower people in a very positive way. Taking back control for ones health is advised after treatment. This can be through active meditation techniques, breathing exercises, internal focus to turn stress into vitality. Lifestyle changes are also considered. Nutrition and diet are also factors that need to be considered.

There are foods and supplements that are serotonin enhancing and mood enhancing. Proper nutrition is part of holistic wellbeing. To help a person to be in their proper Telios is the goal to be achieved. Telios is when a person is thriving in their present environment and are attracting into their life all the ingredients for holistic health, their financial wellbeing, emotional well being, occupational satisfaction, rewarding relationships, proper nutrition and good social Life. The HiddenMind Protocol incorporating Bio-energy can be a very powerful tool in achieving this goal. According to a programme on Mid West Radio on the 1st July 2012 stated that 21 people have died in Mayo alone by suicide from January to June 2012. A town councilor reported that there is so much despair and depression among people and yet it is still dealt with in secret.

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