Hemispherical Integration

When one or other hemispheres of the brain does not integrate properly this is known as homolateral brain function. Homolateral brain function is usually present in all special needs cases. Another consequence of homolateral brain function is hyperactivity in children.
The cerebrospinal fluid pulse from the brain to the spine is fourteen pulses per minute in waking in a healthy child and twenty eight in sleeping.
In a hyperactive child this pulse can be as low as five or six in waking and as low as twelve to sixteen in sleeping.

What happens here is that the brain needs nutrients and the body responds to this emergency crisis by pumping in adrenalin as it breaches the blood brain barrier and quickly replenishes the brain. This unfortunately has the side effect of keeping the child in a hyperactive state and can be subject to outbursts of irrational behaviour and even rage tantrums.
Rage tantrums are a result of blockages in the duramater.

The cerebrospinal fluid is pumped from the brain between the dura and the pia mater to the spine all the way down to the sacrum and the sacral pump pumps the fluid back up to the brain.
The vertebras of the spine can also show misalignment and not be in their correct physical position or electrical fields.
This can often result in subluxations (interference with a nerve) causing damage to the organs of the body and negative feedback between the organs and the spine.

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