The HiddenMind Corrective Sound Protocol

The Hidden Mind corrective sound protocol involves the use of special sound frequencies or harmonics as part of the overall corrective procedures. The instruments used are of Tebetian and Balinese origin and come from the Vedic / Hindu heritage. These sound frequencies are a synthesis of chakra bowls, chakra bells, copper horns, symbols, gongs and an array of oriental instruments that have been used for thousands of years in the monasteries by priests and holy men to convey vital information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and to the biological and physiological reality of the person.

Sound carries powerful frequencies that influence our mood and emotions. When we hear a beautiful piece of music be it vocal or instrumental it can have an immediate effect, uplifting our mood and bringing about a state of great joy or sadness.

It is said that when Albert Einstein heard Yehudi Menuhin playing the violin at a concert he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he said “ there is a God”. In biblical scripture, in the Book of Genesis it says “In the beginning there was the word and the Word was God” meaning that all creation manifested from frequency and energy. The sounds I use in the HiddenMind Protocol have the precise pitch and harmonic to amplify the body's energy and frequencies up to 10,000 times in order to bring them into its present corrective state. For instance, if a meridian is damaged at 4 months in utero and is only developed to 30% of its potential and that person is now 40 years old it takes a huge frequency jump to restore that to normal. I now know that the subconscious mind has an incredible capacity to utilise sound frequency to influence the regeneration of cells, organs, bone, tissue, and blood. Sound frequencies can dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance. Sound frequencies have been used for decades by different practitioners around the world to improve neural development in special needs children, in particular using Mozarts music.

The sound frequencies used in HiddenMind are played both individually and in an eclectic form. A combination of special sound frequencies and the spoken word are used to correct meridians and have a powerful ability to transform negative emotional charges present in the organs and meridians. According to the mathematical 'String theory', (which attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity), the frequency of the vibrations of each string determines their individual properties, this is manifested in the observation of particles which exhibit identical reactions to other particles even though they are separated by vast distances.

This concept claims that everything in our universe from the planets swirling through space, through the tiniest subatomic particles is made of microscopic strands of energy. This view point can help us understand why energy, sound and vibration are at the frontier of progress in the field of healing. So we can conclude that beyond the deepest level of matter there is vibrational patterns which can be influenced by energy work, sound frequencies and intention. The sound frequencies of HiddenMind obviously resonate on a molecular level as does all music. There is a saying that “music is heard in the silence between the notes”. The effects of music is not just heard it is also felt. For instance, when a client says the heart meridian verbal affirmation “I am Loving, I am forgiving, my heart is filled with love, love and forgiveness reside deep within my heart” accompanied by a heart sound frequency from an instrument, the energy of the heart can amplify exponentially and healing of negative emotional states can be experienced.

The body has 28 cardinal frequencies, 14 meridians, 7 chakras and 7 auric fields. The ancient healers and priests knew how important is for physical, emotional and spiritual health that these cardinal frequencies where kept in balance and fully attuned.
If they are damaged through emotional or physical shock the subconscious mind has to be consulted as it holds all the blueprint information about the bodies energies. Sound frequencies are employed to reconnect and carry blue print information to restore the cardinal frequencies, deleting the memory of shock and restoring homeostasis to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person. The subconscious is interrogated through vibrational kinesiology.

This involves bio feedback using different types of indicator tools ie. dowsing (use of a pendulum) or muscle testing and making statements to the subconscious mind, getting vital information about a person’s state of health. The subconscious mind will then indicate accurately the exact harmonics to be used for correction. This can also include the spoken word, harmonics from cotton frequencies, scents and precious stones. For instance, I have over a hundred corrective sound frequencies in my practitioner disc and the subconscious mind of the client decides which frequencies are needed to make the correction. I also have a client maintenance cd which can be listened to on a daily basis. There are 5 tracks on this cd. Experience has shown that this wellness programme has accelerated the healing process for thousands of people after energy work and corrections. Sound frequencies can also be used to neutralise viruses and pathogens and again the subconscious mind will indicate which sounds are best to do this. One of the most amazing features of how sound frequencies work is its ability to influence cells, and pre cell division to insure ongoing proper cell functioning of organs and tissues.

Our body is over 80% water and there are water crystals along each meridian which carry the frequency or harmonics for that meridian the entire length of the meridian, correcting to its full potential and proper emotional charge. When I studied with the late Cameron Dawson many years ago, I asked him whether those frequencies would work on a child that was born deaf and he remarked on my surprise that they would.

This calls into question how we hear. What does our subconscious mind hear that our conscious mind does not? Recently a therapist friend of mine said that her mother had an operation and after the operation she could tell the anesthetist the next day all about his golf game, his handicap, where he played and other aspects of the conversation he had had with the surgeon. Her mother was under a general anesthetic for the operation.

Sound as metaphor
The metaphorical way that we use words and metaphors in relation to sound is an indication of how we subconsciously know the frequency changes that we can create in ourselves and others. 'I don’t like the sound of that', 'this is music to my ears', 'your silence is deafening', 'your words taste like poison', these phrases can induce states of emotion that can be felt in a positive or negative sense. The intonation of a persons voice coupled with intention can have a profound affect on the person being subject to this dialogue. Likewise, healing can be imparted through the voice and intention, the choice of words is also very important here. When a client is listening to the heart meridian affirmation, the sound frequency,the tone of voice, the words or phrases used with intention can alter negative emotional stress patterns, delete shock and instill and lock in an ability that continues to transform negative heart emotional states to a more positive one.

Sound Tracks on Client CD 1 – 5

Track 1 Universal Sounds - 5 minutes. Recommended minimum four times per day. Universal sounds help integrate left and right brain hemispheres, delete homolateral functions, improves neuronal reintegration, provokes the immune system, assists in deleting allergies, corrects cells pre cell division, helps delete negative behavioural patterns and helps to clear negative emotional patterns and phobia’s / OCD etc.

Track 2 First Aid Programme - 14 minutes. Recommended once daily. This track is a combination of audible sounds and meridian affirmations. This track raises the frequency of the body's energy restoring vitality and life force energy to the main organs of the body. This track helps to delete emotional and other types of shock instilling a sense of wellness and confidence in the individual. It helps to clear viruses and pathogens from the system. It helps to calm anxiety states and brings clarity to thinking processes and functions.

Track 3 Stay Healthy Programme - 32 minutes. Recommended use one to two times per week. This is a wellness programme that contains all the harmonics for the 28 cardinal frequencies (meridian, chakras and auric fields) and restores harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the person helping them to feel more grounded and solid in themselves, to interact more positively with other people in their environment. It also increases their self healing power and instills a sense of deep relaxation and calmness in their every day lives.

Track 4 – Lower Back Programme - 11 minutes. Recommended usage decided by Practitioner. This is of particular benefit to people suffering from spinal and cranial sacral problems. This track corrects the deep muscles from the sacrum to the occiput and sphenoid bones in the head. It also helps to realign the cerebro spinal fluid pulse to its optimum frequency of 14 pulses per minute on waking and 28 per minute at night.

Track 5 – Special Instruction - 32 seconds. Usage to be specified by practitioner. This track is used to clear residual meridian malfunctions from other people or from a persons immediate environment. These residual meridian malfunctions can emanate from other people who have committed suicide or have a tragic accident within a 10 mile radius of where you live. Once identified by a Hidden Mind Practitioner, this track can be used on a regular basis by the client to create a healthier environment in which to live. Please note the above instructions are based upon a standard correction and that your practitioner may advise you with a different set of tracks.