M.E. Myalgic Encephalomyeloathy

Over the past number of years I have been alarmed at the number of young women in their late teens and early twenties suffering from post-viral syndrome, ME and fertility problems. They range from leaving cert students to professional people, teachers, nurses, bank officials and career women. Ages ranging from seventeen to early thirties. The last person I treated was a teacher who hadn’t worked for over a year, had no energy and was housebound for this time. Her mother brought her to me in the hope that I could help her. M.E. – Myalgic (muscle pain) Encephalomyeloathy (inflammation of the brain and spinal chord). It is described by the Irish ME Trust as a complex and debilitating physiological illness involving neurological and endocrinal dysfunction and immune system dysregulation, which is not improved by bed rest and can worsen with physical or mental exertion. Other related symptoms may include fever, sore throats, painful irritability, poor concentration and sleep dysfunction.

ME sufferers will pinpoint a viral infection as the start of their illness, although no particular virus is present in all cases. They say one theory is that the breakdown in the body’s defence mechanism merely allows a viral infection to occur more easily. 12,000 people apparently suffer from ME in Ireland.

The way that I can help these women is using HiddenMind Bio-energy therapy, and the unique Investigative and Corrective Sound Protocol, which dramatically boosts their immune system. From my experience, my clients often have additional symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, fertility problems and an inability to be creative and look forward to the future. I would like to point out that the causes of these conditions is not just a virus or emotional stress or work overload, there is a far more sinister set of causes that can be traced right back to early childhood and even back to the time they were in their mother's womb. Within the treatment protocol we have a unique way of accessing information, in relation to their early childhood.

What we look for at this stage is the level of brain integration at 9 months old. Why is this so important? If the brain doesn’t integrate fully at this time this can have a detrimental effect later on in life, the causes of this can be birth shock, hereditary problems, side effects of vaccines or emotional shock experienced from a number of causes in utero and afterwards. If these problems are not corrected at an early age, the long term effects can be evident in their early teens and late twenties. In females as opposed to males, the corpus collosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain, is much longer. This enables the female to multi-task and problems associated with lack of brain integration and neural development, for e.g. Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Learning difficulties, and immune problems, can be much more difficult to diagnose in females as distinct to males. Her immune system is already compromised before the first year of life. In some situations this has been exacerbated by the side effects of vaccines. There can also be a number of hereditary factors, which also can interfere with the immune system which we call meridian malfunctions or perpetuating gene faults.

These are negative ancestral traits which are already evident in the unfertilised ovums which can go back several generations and interfere with the development of the child in the womb. So by the time the child is born they are already partially damaged. This can also cause difficult births and the need for c-sections. The cranial bones normally take eighteen months to integrate and articulate properly to allow the cerebro-spinal fluid around the brain. The normal cranio sacral pulse is 14 pulses per minute in waking and 28 in sleeping. This is vital to supply the nutrients to the brain and remove toxins and enhance immunity, which are vital for proper brain function. The energetic body has three electrical systems made up of 28 cardinal frequencies, 14 meridians, 7chakras and 7 auric fields. These three electrical systems communicate between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind - the brain. We can access these cardinal frequencies through the HiddenMind Investigative and Corrective sound protocol, to see what aspects of the persons programme for their optimum health of the person are held back and to determine if the subconscious mind is still in a state of shock due to the causes I mentioned earlier.

It is interesting to note that if six or more of the cardinal frequencies are not functioning, the subconscious mind may allow a virus to take root to slow a person down to conserve energy. A lot of these girls have been treated medically but are still suffering from post viral symptoms months and years later. Again these symptoms can include chronic tiredness, depression, anxiety, severe menstrual problems etc.. It is only when the cardinal frequencies and the cranio sacral pulse is restored that the subconscious mind allows the brain to fully reintegrate.

This is usually followed by an emotional release and often flu-like symptoms, during the 4 day treatment or immediately afterwards. Another 4 day session, using Bio-energy and corrective sound frequencies sets the stage for full recovery and the person can begin their journey back to health. Our clients are also advised about diet and nutrition, if necessary. We advise clients on follow-on clinics. They are also taught relaxation, meditation, emotional transformation techniques and taught how to use a self corrective sound system to enable them to carry on their healing themselves. In the HiddenMind Protocol the emphasis is on re-empowering the client by imparting to them tools and techniques to enable them to take back responsibility for their own health.

I must say that it is only when clients return to full health that they accept that these underlying factors, as mentioned above, were a huge part of their problem. While this therapy may seem very esoteric, energy based and alternative, I base the structure of my therapy on anecdotal evidence (testimonies), research and 25 years of experience. When I talk about meridians, I am referring to a pathway of energy that has a positive and negative emotional charge and that also connects the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body. There are fourteen meridians in total and these have been scientifically proven to exist. I believe these fourteen meridians are evident in the unfertilised ova in the mothers ovaries, which are part of the of the blueprint of the persons being. The existence of meridians have been proved scientifically to exist in 1979 by a nobel prize winner. After this the World Health Organisation accepted acupuncture as a method of therapy. Dr. Valerie Hunt of UCLA stated that before anything happens in the brain or nervous system, the energy field brakes down first. She stated in her book Infinite Minds that a person should have their energy systems (three electrical systems mentioned) restored to complete the healing process.

I am firmly convinced that the advancement of this work with the support of my colleagues will allow clients to have another powerful tool to include in their health plan. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, or you have been told that your problems are ‘all in your mind’, maybe now you can approach your health with a new understanding and a realisation that you can return to health, with the help of Tom griffin and HiddenMind therapists of the HiddenMind Bio-energy and Investigative and Corrective Sounds Protocol.

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