Men's Health

When writing about men’s health it is difficult to paraphrase or be inspired by any major research, because little has been written on this subject in recent times. We see the odd statistics and alarm raised in the media concerning the startling rise in male suicide and how professional bodies and self-help groups are called upon to offer some sort of answers and solutions to a growing problem. So this article on men’s’ health is from my own experience and that of my colleagues and friends in the HiddenMind, in relation to aspects of men’s’ health often ignored by our society at large and that is the ‘man-o-pause’.

A lot has been written about the female menopause and most men would have an idea of what women go through and the associated side effects as literature on this subject is readily available. Look at the magazine rack in any shop and notice how hard it is to find a book on men’s health, if there are any, they do not cover the men’s issues I have to confront in my clinic every day. My reflections are mostly about middle aged men, as I am one myself, I have first hand experience. When men come to me for help they are looking for someone who can help them to move on in their life. Someone who can create a shift in their thinking, a shift in their consciousness, improve their energy, as they find it very difficult to motivate themselves, to help themselves deal with anger, grief, self confidence and more seriously depression and even suicidal tendencies. Often these men go down the road of anti-depressants, psychotherapy, and indeed men have benefited from these, but when they end up in my clinic, they are looking for something more and it is that ‘something more’ that I am going to talk about. Take a typical scenario where a forty seven year old man says that "every day is becoming a huge challenge".

When he gets up in the morning he does not have any energy or enthusiasm, there is nothing in his life that gives him any joy or kick anymore. He is a professional person with twenty five or more years work, is married with children, worked hard to put them through third level or career choice, worked very hard to be the best father and husband, provider he could be. But now he is getting older, his energy is not near what it used to be, his physical health is starting to show serious implications, from high blood pressure to arthritic conditions.

This he could cope with if he had the mental energy and peace of mind instead of the growing fear and anxiety for the future. He is confused and full of guilt because his wife and children love him, he is financially ok but senses that these are not enough. He knows that he has to find within himself the answers to his own dilemmas. This is why he can suddenly appear awkward or conflicting and can often hurt the ones he loves. He may be drinking too much alcohol or gambling to try and forget how low he feels, but the reality hits him always afterwards. How can I help this man?

Firstly I explain that he was never forty seven or eight before and that at this stage men need to reassess their lives, their goals, their ambitions for the future, their values and self worth, they many need to rediscover how to love and allow themselves to be loved. They may need to let go of some of their hardened attitudes towards their masculinity and have to learn to transform negative patterns of emotional stress.

He needs to become aware of energy blockages, which are associated with traumatic experiences in his life. He needs to become aware that his energy has been misdirected by ignoring the right side of his brain, the feminine side which is not to be confused with being over feminine. This feminine or right brain energy is associated with self reflection, emotional transformation, spiritual awareness, cyclical thinking as opposed to linear thinking. The feminine side involves accessing the creative side, not just for creating tools and computers but a continuous redefining and reshaping his attitudes. Also understanding his creative potential, to see the inter-connectiveness of all things and that to have greater fulfillment as a person and to be fully alive is the most desired objective in his life at this time in other words to be able to appreciate the present moment.

As HiddenMind practitioners, we have at our disposal, many tools and techniques to redirect his energy to restore balance between the left and right hemispheres, the male and female sides. This will contribute to unlocking the hidden potential that he contains. This is why he need to access the feminine aspect of his being, as it contains an inexhaustible source of light energy. In accessing the feminine side he is enabled to reabsorb this energy into his daily life and alter his thinking and his attitudes in a positive way.

He is more affected by his environment than he realizes, the constant negativity about the recession and unemployment and all negativity in our media can often make him feel insignificant and powerless. This is why he needs to move inward, to find the spark of light, to open the gateways to the higher vibrations. Reading my article on men’s health may help to encourage you the reader to make the choice to be healthy, happy, have purpose in your life and have a connection to an abundant source of energy in your life for our wellbeing and mental health.

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