Scientific Research

In Yugoslavia Zdenko Domancic was using Bio-Energy in healing very successfully: "According to all medical knowledge as well as that of the doctor, Rudoff Paulisa should have been dead within 48 hours, and yet he is not only alive, but is even recovering. No, this is practically impossible to believe.  Had anyone told me, I would not have believed him! Either what I have been taught for decades is wrong or else Zdenko Domancic has performed a miracle" (Dr. Josip Cicek, M.D. Mid 1980s) Dr. Gajdobranski, M.D. spent six weeks observing the treatment of 35 patients. He documented objectively, improvements visible on the skin and limbs, functional improvements, the disappearance of pain as well as other improvements supported by laboratory analysis and technical instrumentation.

Many other contemporary scientists have added to the research, notable Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom a Specialist in radiology and a pioneer of the needle biopsy spent two decades on meticulous research on the bio-electrical fields of the body. His book "Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits, Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System", has been ignored by conventional medicine.  His thesis is that the body contains a complex electrical system that regulates the activity of the internal organs and is the foundation of health. The most recent research is by Professor Valerie Hu8nt of U.C.L.A. in her book " Infinite Mind" the first equipment she used to measure this energy was a telemetry instrument.

This was built especially for her by the engineer that developed the telemetry systems which NASA used to send back to earth the astronauts' vital physiological recordings of muscle and heart activity during the first manned space trips. She observed that before the brain wave was activated, before stimuli altered the heart rate, blood pressure or breathing, the energy field had already responded. This led her to postulate that a person's primary responses in their world take place first in the energetic field, not in the sensory nerves or in the brain.

Since 1988 Michael O'Doherty and I have proved conclusively the effectiveness of the Plexus Bio-Energy Health Care System by working on the Bio-Electrical structure of the body. Based on their experience of having treated thousands of people. Michael and I now understand that this energy vibrates electrically through the body through energy channels (meridians) and through its own intelligence, is responsible for unlocking the coding of healing and re-generating deep within the sub-atomic level of our being.

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